Employees and social affairs

Our employees play a key role in our wholesale operations. We can only foster the future growth of our company with ongoing and dedicated development of the individual employees. We therefore place great value on creating a pleasant work environment that is characterised by core principles such as fair working conditions, trust in our people, authentic leadership and success through excellence. Being an equal opportunities employer with a focus on diversity, we are able to benefit from different perspectives, experiences and insights of our employees and therefore add value to our business and customers.

Store Manager talking to Staff
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Meeting the demographic shift

In light of the demographic change and its impact on societies around the world, especially regarding the intense competition for talents, it is crucial for us to recruit, retain and develop skilled and expert employees for METRO Cash & Carry. Targeted training and professional development programmes aim to foster the specifically required skills among our workforce, and to attract young people and experts to a role at METRO Cash & Carry. In addition, we invest in human resources programmes and concepts that promote employee health and safety as well as work-life balance, to achieve high productivity and a long-term commitment to our company. These efforts have been rewarded several times with the Employer of the Year award.

Recruiting young talents

We offer talents the opportunity to start their career in the wholesale industry, through internships, direct entry-level positions and special trainee and graduate programmes. In Germany we count among the leading providers of vocational training in wholesale, providing our apprentices with the requisite expertise and skills in over 25 occupations. In addition, we provide active assistance to underprivileged people. In 2011, METRO Germany started an exclusive cooperation with the German "Christoph Metzelder Stiftung" foundation, which initiates and runs projects for school children focusing on education and job training. Therefore, we like to highlight the possibilities we offer for a career in our international business, for instance at job fairs. Additionally, we cooperate with schools in the vicinity of our stores, actively seeking partnerships with educational institutions.

Personal development

To safeguard the productivity and motivation of its workforce and to ensure a future-oriented succession planning structure, we offer a wide range of development opportunities and career options to our employees.

Continuous career planning

With our consistent career development and succession planning system, METRO Cash & Carry is able to fill a large share of its managerial positions with its own workforce. Young talents are identified early on in their careers, regularly assessed through an annual performance evaluation and supported in their personal and professional development. Our tailor-made measures include corporate seminars, development training sessions and specialised programmes to give high performers the opportunity to prepare for senior management positions.

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Our company aims to attract new talents, retain existing professionals and keep all employees motivated in the long term. For us, fair and favourable work conditions are therefore a must, and we strictly adhere to internationally recognised social standards. In addition, we strive to ensure high safety standards and promote employee health.

Equal opportunities

As a major player in international wholesale, we are proud of our diverse workforce. We are offering the same opportunities to all employees and applicants, regardless of sex, age, race, ethnic background, sexual identity, disabilities, religion or beliefs. Employees from over 140 nations work for METRO Cash & Carry, providing us with valuable experience and perspectives on our business.
As part of our diversity management, we support employees in balancing their professional duties and personal needs, such as child-rearing responsibilities or caring for relatives. Measures include, for example, flexible working hours and part-time working.

Health measures companies’ competitiveness.

On country and store level, various actions are taken to provide a healthy work environment. It varies from fitness to health checks, and prevention to reintegration measures. METRO Cash & Carry also demonstrates its commitment for employees with a disability. METRO Cash & Carry France, for example, has been committed since 2006 to an intensive programme to recruit, train, integrate and protect people with disabilities.

Measuring engagement

Regular surveys to determine employee engagement are an important instrument of our human resources policy. They allow us to evaluate the current degree of employees’ engagement and satisfaction with working conditions as well as management performance. Standardised methods allow for external benchmarking. The results are used as reference for establishing a course of action, with departments concerned developing concrete measures to improve overall engagement and performance.