As a leading wholesale company we are part of a dynamic world which is constantly evolving. A sustainable future is crucial to us and can only be assured with the necessary responsibility. At METRO Cash & Carry, we believe that long-term economic growth can only be achieved if it is aligned with a responsible approach to society, our employees and the environment. Therefore we  work continuously on sustainability-related measures and projects. Our sustainability vision defines what we aim for, namely to offer excellent quality of life to our customers, our employees and anyone who works for us, while protecting the environment and the society we live in. Therefore, we have set ourselves high targets in these areas in order to become better every day.

METRO Cash & Carry has firmly embedded the principle of sustainable economic activities in its core business. We also consider environmental and social aspects as part of all entrepreneurial decisions and processes. Our commitment to sustainability is divided into four fields of action.

Staff in vegetable department
Delivery Truck

Supply chain and products

We are cooperating closely with suppliers, implement high quality standards and enhance transparency along the entire supply chain. Suppliers have to meet our quality requirements and comply with environmental and social standards.

How we supply sustainable products

Solar Panels on the Roof

Employees and social affairs

We place great value on creating a pleasant work environment that is characterised by fair working conditions, trust in our people, authentic leadership and success through excellence.

How we care for our people

Store Manager talking to Staff

Energy and resource management

Resources are limited and worth caring for. At METRO Cash & Carry we have a special responsibility to contribute to the company’s climate target.

How we manage energy & resources

Volunteer prepares food for distributing it to people in need

Engagement and dialogue

As an active part of the society we aim to contribute to solving social challenges within our markets.

How we are involved in society

WE ARE ON THE MOVE - Corporate Responsibility Report 2017/18

Corporate Responsibility Report 2017/18

METRO sees itself as a part of society. We aim to harmonise economic, environmental and social objectives. We act today for a better tomorrow. We are on the move - for a future worth living.

Corporate Responsibility Report 2017/18