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Own Business Day: METRO puts business owners worldwide into the spotlight

METRO Cash & Carry is celebrating independent business owners: On the inaugural Own Business Day on 11 October, more than 19 600 independent business owners presented special offers. METRO organised this day with the goal of making small, independent businesses more successful as well as of recognising their passion and their role in modern society. In this regard, the company established a digital hub for the day and organised spectacular events as well as selfie competitions worldwide.

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Questions & Answers

What is the Own Business Day?

To express our admiration for the value that own businesses add to our daily lives, and to create new opportunities for them, METRO has decided to pay tribute to business owners in all 25 countries we operate in. To this end, we have created the Own Business Day – a special event to celebrate business owners around the world. The first Own Business Day will be held on October 11, 2016. All participating business owners are invited to create specials for the event, such as special meals, offers or activities that will appeal to their customers. In the run-up to the day, METRO will support them with special offers, inspiration and marketing material, as well as own activities to really drive business. A dedicated campaign platform is at the core of all activities.

How is "Own business" defined?

Own businesses are privately owned firms or partnerships. Though the definition of size and form of ownership may differ from country to country, we target our campaign at businesses with less than 50 employees and an annual turnover of less than 1 million Euros.  Own businesses are common in many countries around the world and include: hotels, restaurants, catering companies, small traders and service companies (for example hair dressers or tattoo salons) – many of them are in fact METRO customers.

Why is the Own business day scheduled for October11?

The Own Business Day will be celebrated annually on the second Tuesday of October. This day was chosen for a number of reasons: First, international surveys suggest that Tuesday is the most productive day of the week. Second, Tuesday has a historic significance for METRO: the first METRO Cash & Carry store was opened on a Tuesday (October 27, 1964). Lastly, the second week of October is free from national and bank holidays in many countries.

Why did METRO create an event for own businesses?

METRO's aspiration is to be a Champion for Independent Business, and own businesses make up a huge proportion of our customer base. We fully believe that own businesses make everyone’s daily life more vibrant, enrich our local communities and are an engine of the economy. With our Own Business Day, we pay tribute to business owners and their dedication and ambition.

What objectives does METRO pursue with the Own Business Day?

Eventually, we want to bring more business to own businesses’ doorsteps, by creating a special event that promotes all business owners. This perfectly aligns with our aspiration to be a Champion for Independent Business and allows us to strengthen our relationship with own businesses. We need them to be successful in order to be successful ourselves.

Is the Own Business Day exclusive to METRO customers?

No. All business owners are invited to participate and create specials, such as meals, service offers or activities, for the Own Business Day. Consumers can pay tribute by visiting own businesses nearby on October 11.

How can business owners participate?

We have created a dedicated campaign platform that is at the core of all activities and where interested business owners can register to participate and receive marketing material and regular updates. All they need to do is create specials, such as meals, service offers or activities exclusive to the day. METRO will support them in marketing these specials, with dedicated online and offline advertising.

What activities does METRO have in store for October 11?

All events and activities will be announced in time on the campaign platform at www.own-business-day.com [please insert your local URL] as well as in local newspapers and through online and offline advertising. Activities will not be limited to October 11, but will also take place before the Own Business Day. For instance, we will feature pop-up business events in seven cities around the globe with special food stands at very popular places to drive attention towards the campaign. On October 11, local business owners will launch their own special activities, such as meals, service offers and entertainment.

What marketing activities are planned for the Own Business Day?

The Own Business Day will be presented across a variety of media channels, offline and online. This includes advertising, billboards, radio commercials, media relations, social media activities as well as local marketing events. We expect that a lot of consumers will want to share their experiences via their own social media using the hashtag #loveownbusiness.

What will happen beyond October 11?

As the Own Business Day will be celebrated every year on the second Tuesday in October, we will start the preparations for the next event early on. Besides that, business owners are invited to join our online community, where they can share their experiences and insights.

Where can interested business owners and customers find more information on the Own Business Day?

Information and news are available online at [country website] as well as on the dedicated campaign website at www.own-business-day.com [please insert your local URL]. There, interested parties can find detailed information about the day and register their special for the Own Business Day.

How much does METRO spend on the campaign?

We will not disclose any figures. Suffice it to say that this campaign is one of the most important in our marketing calendar.

Check out the Own Business Day website

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Videos and Interviews

Everywhere in the world, business owners serve customers with passion, commitment, and drive. They shape our world and make us feel at home in our neighbourhoods. METRO wants to say thank you to business owners who constantly give their all to make our days better.

Vlado Kaponja works at a Pizzeria in Croatia and he talks about how he feels pleasure when customers enjoyed his pizza.

Tihana Taraba is a lamp designer in Croatia and she explains why she loves her business and what drives her in the daily work.

Kai Michels and Lucie Babinska, owners of the patisserie Jubel in Berlin, talk about their love for their business and how they deal with the challenges that their daily work holds.

Nicolas Thompson, who manages the Hotel Gorki Apartments in Berlin, talks about the motivations and challenges of running his own business.

Adrian Kuci runs the Foodtruck “Golden Burgers“ in Berlin. In this short interview, Adrian talks about the motivations and challenges of his own business.

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