The first Business Card

METRO presents - Own Business Girls


The second part of the METRO International Own Business Study "Women & Own Business" in 10 countries with 10.000 participants shows that women take a strong interest in entrepreneurship: 45% dream of starting their own business.

But when it comes to the realization of this dream there is a gap: Only 12% of these women think it is "very likely", that they will turn their ambition into reality. What prevents them from starting a business?

Well, there are several reasons. But one stands out: "insufficient financial support" is the top answer with 49%. On International Women's Day (IWD) METRO, the supporter of independent businesses, wants to encourage women to take on the challenge ...


On International Women's Day we want to inspire the next generation of female business owners. This is why every baby girl born in Duesseldorf that day will receive their first business card. The business card is far more than just a piece of paper: It is the ticket to a fixed deposit worth 2.000 Euros, enough to start a first business adventure. The money will become accessible to the girls on their 18th birthday.


Terms and conditions

  • The newborn baby must be of female gender, born on March 8th 2018 in the city of Duesseldorf
  • The form that you will receive after contacting METRO, must have been filled in and sent to along with the necessary material (including birth certificate) by March 31st2018
  • It is required for the legal guardians to supply the birth certificate of the child as proof of the required information.
  • METRO AG is gifting a fixed deposit at HypoVereinsbank worth 2.000 Euro at 2,0 % p.a. to each Own Business Girl.
  • The money will be accessible to the Own Business Girl on her 18th birthday.

Any further legal and financial issues will be disclosed to the legal guardians once the eligibility of their child has been confirmed.

Please contact us at for any further questions.