Interviews with witnesses to history

The five decades during which METRO Cash & Carry have been in business are closely tied to the personal experiences of our long-time employees and partners. Some of them have discussed the company’s history in fascinating interviews – from the first days of the cash & carry business to the company’s entry into the growth markets of Asia and Eastern Europe.

Portrait of Ewin Trinkl

"No one's assortment was as broad as ours"

Interview with Erwin Trinkl, Representative of METRO AG in Russia, about the market entry of METRO Cash & Carry in Russia.

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Portrait of Gerd Becker

"The better results are what count in the end"

Interview with Gerd Becker, the former General Manager of METRO GROUP, about the expansion of METRO Cash & Carry in Asia.

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"Top secret"

Interview with Harald Sachs, who played the role of tax consultant as the merger of METRO Cash & Carry, Kaufhof, Asko and Deutsche SB-Kauf was planned and carried out.

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Portrait of Juergen Maas

"Learning sooner about which products are emerging in markets"

Interview with Jürgen J. Maas, the retired Chief Procurement and Merchandising Officer of METRO Cash & Carry International, about international purchasing.

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Portrait of Lovro Manac

"Box pushers in the department store"

Interview with Lovro Mandac, Chairman of the Management Board at Galeria, about the relationship between METRO and Galeria Kaufhof.

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Portrait of Silvester Macho

"The merchandise management system is the backbone of a retail company"

Interview with Silvester Macho, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of METRO GROUP, about the merchandise management system of METRO Cash & Carry.

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Portrait of Theo de Raad

"Dare to experiment more"

Interview with Theo de Raad, Member of the Supervisory Board of METRO GROUP, about the longstanding partnership between Makro and METRO.

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Portrait of Friedrich Neukirch

Seeing and seizing opportunities

An interview with the METRO witness to history Friedrich Neukirch,CEO of the Klosterfrau Healthcare Group.

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Portrait of Emil Underberg

A man of his word

Interview with Emil Underberg, producer of the legendary herbal digestive, about the relationship with METRO Cash & Carry in the 1960ies.

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