METRO Own Business Day

8 October 2019

Discover what makes Own Business day so special

"Own Business Day celebrates business owners by advertising them on an online platform with their special ideas & offers - for free. So every 2nd Tuesday of October everybody can enjoy thousands of specials and pay tribute to the business owners that allow all of us to keep our own way of life. We champion independent businesses 365 days. On OBD we go bigger by inviting the world to also take part."

Business owner in front of eating counter

About us

METRO Wholesale thinks ahead – and leads the way. We have unique food expertise, outstanding insights into global markets and decades of experience. Our aim is clear: we want to offer the best products, services and technologies for our customers.

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We work for Lilian


We’re passionate about helping around 24 million customers with 24 million different sets of challenges, ambitions and dreams. We are trusted relationship builders who understand and anticipate our customers’ needs.

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man in the tree


Our sustainability vision defines what we aim for, namely to offer excellent quality of life to our customers, our employees and anyone who works for us, while protecting the environment and the society we live in.

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