METRO Digital is the team of dedicated developers and technologists unpinning all of METRO Cash & Carry's IT systems, programmes and APIs. Our lasting impact on the wholesale industry can't be underestimated. We have opened up new stores in Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia. We‘ve developed powerful business models that are reshaping processes. Above all, we are continuously adding value to our customers' business through new technologies.

Advancements in technology have brought about significant changes in customer expectations and purchasing behaviours. Our customers expect

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a consistent shopping experience across all sales channels, whether online or in their local METRO Cash & Carry store.

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to be able to view our products, their prices and availability, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With this in mind, together we're creating new solutions, improved software and innovative apps that will ensure our customers get the seamless experience they need to run and improve their business. We believe good software is the future to ensuring ours and our customers' continued success.

While technology is our trade, our customers are our primary concern. How can we build innovative systems that will meet their ever-evolving behaviours and requirements? We need to be more agile and involve them in our development process. Every big solution is the result of solving smaller issues, and by solving these first, we're continuously improving.

Working in small groups, our teams are empowered to work quickly to develop and improve the customer-oriented services and applications, as the need for them arises.

With our customers' needs in mind, we're striving to define B2B multichannel standards within the wholesale industry.

Through our API we offer our services to 3rd party developers and integrate suppliers, customers and developers in an up to day way. Learn more at

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EHI award 2015
for innovative IT solutions


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25% of 3 billion Euro
delivery sales are generated by online ordering

We're passionate about building great software and nothing makes us happier than solving difficult problems. Our goal is to constantly improve our products, day by day – regardless of whether these innovations are for our customers or our colleagues.

To do that, we're constantly considering our customers. How can we ensure a smooth shopping experience and efficient work processes for them?

Everything we develop or implement needs to provide added value.

We assign dedicated development teams to help find these solutions. As “full-stack engineers," they work with agile methods, based on modern architectures and technologies, and have the know-how to design, develop, test and deliver cutting-edge features.

Here at METRO Digital, we've created an environment that stimulates conversation, encourages collaboration and helps people grow, together.

Our open-plan office is great for sharing ideas, and integrating new team members. There are Think Tank areas for designing ideas, but all the development takes place at workbenches. Plus, across the office, we've installed large chalkboards and small meeting spaces to quickly discuss ideas.

We like to start our day with a morning huddle where we catch up on the projects that everyone's working on, and see what needs to be done that day. If there are any particular challenges or news, this is always a good way to let the whole team know about it. We typically work in small teams of three to five people because it's not only efficient – but productive, too. And whatever your job title or experience, everyone's ideas are welcome, valued and respected.

Software developers

We are looking for experienced software developers who love solving complex problems, and enjoy doing it within a team of like-minded people. You'll be involved in all phases of software engineering, from conception through programming, testing and delivery, and will have some interest in dividing large projects into small,

manageable sub-projects. Keen to grow and evolve your skills, you'll develop your own responsibility in small powerful teams, working on customer-oriented services and applications in short release cycles. You'll also enjoy improving products and developing them further based on data and A/B/n tests.


Icon requirements degree

a degree in computer science, physics, mathematics, or equivalent

Icon requirement ability

the ambition to want to make a difference for our customers

Icon requirements java

significant experience and knowledge in Java, Scala, C ++, are important

Icon requirements automating

passion for automating tests and deployments, and how to scale them

Icon requirements fullstack

experience in software “full stack” meaning from the frontend via the backend up to the persistence layer

Icon requirements expertise

eagerness to broaden your expertise

771 markets in 26 countries. More than 140,000 employees from around 170 nations, and 21 million customers worldwide. As consistently internationally established wholesalers, METRO Cash & Carry is committed to cooperation and mutual growth, as well as the modernisation of trade and introduction of new market structures. Internationality, diversity and a wealth of intercultural knowledge characterise our culture.

We work in a dynamic, fast-paced business. Customer needs and consumer behaviours are changing rapidly. Therefore, we must create new concepts, systems and mechanisms to maintain our competitive edge.

METRO Cash & Carry is one of the leading wholesalers in this dynamic, fast-paced industry, where the competition is always one step ahead. This leads to exciting opportunities for innovative and entrepreneurially minded people.

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