Our corporate culture plays a crucial role in determining how we at METRO Cash & Carry go about our business, make decisions and treat one another. Our six guiding principles provide a framework for all members of staff. They define what matters in our day-to-day work so that we can achieve the best possible results for our customers.

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Customer orientation:
For us, being a wholesaler is all about creating customer value. This principle is at the heart of our strategy and all our professional decisions are based on it.

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Global entrepreneurship
We encourage entrepreneurial behaviour and use our international connections to enhance the company’s value.

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Success through excellence
We strive to constantly improve our services. If necessary, we change outdated structures and make unconventional decisions to achieve this.

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Trust in our people
We encourage staff development, which also helps our company to grow. Demonstrating personal commitment, actively listening and embracing different opinions are all essential.

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Authentic leadership
Our business is built on integrity, transparency and authenticity. We start by applying these standards to ourselves and our actions.

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We ensure that our decisions take economic, ecological and social considerations into account in equal measure. 

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