Icon resumee

Review your resume
We’ll ask questions about your qualification and experience based on what you’ve told us in your resume. Be sure you know what it says, and if there have been any changes since you sent it to us.

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Do more research
Find out more about METRO Cash & Carry – and even the METRO AG. See what you can learn about the business area you are interviewing for too, and see what we do on social channels. Having an understanding of our business will be to your benefit.

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Review the role competencies
Our interviews are competency based. It’s not always about a right or wrong answers but how you approach the question. Consider how you can structure your answers to the job requirements, recall relevant examples of situations you’ve faced, and what you learnt from them.

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Ask us questions
A job interview should be a two-way conversation – and a two-way assessment. Think of any questions you might want to ask us, whether they’re about our people, the job specifics, employment terms and more.



Management fish

I didn´t know the slightest thing about fish, but my Director believed in me and encouraged me to take the job, because I was looking for a leadership position.

Mutlu Paksoy, Category Manager Fish, Germany