Our passion

2014 is a remarkable year for METRO Cash & Carry as the wholesaler is celebrating its 50th anniversary and refining its brand positioning for many years to come. It is the entrepreneurial spirit that makes our independent professionals strong and motivates METRO Cash & Carry to deliver the very best. Consistently making independent entrepreneurs more successful  – this is what drives METRO Cash & Carry. The foundation of this concept is built upon trusting relationships with customers, employees and suppliers. METRO Cash & Carry is bringing this mission to life with the new brand campaign YOU & METRO. The campaign celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of our customers and exemplifies the professionalism and passion that are necessary to turn ideas into a successful business.

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At METRO Cash & Carry, we passionately serve independent business people with our differentiated and exclusive food assortment, services and solutions.

We strive to make our customers competitive in the long term by focusing on them and serving both their business and complementary needs; this includes a focused and selective approach to non-food.

Wherever we choose to do business, we strive to be the best partner and preferred supplier for our customers. We aim for market leadership, sustainability and being an employer of choice.

Our proposition is tailored to local needs in products, services and channels, and makes our customers love to come back.

Our corporate culture plays a crucial role in determining how we at METRO Cash & Carry go about our business, make decisions and treat one another. Our six guiding principles provide a framework for all members of staff. They define what matters in our day-to-day work so that we can achieve the best possible results for our customers.

#01 Customer orientation

For us, being a wholesaler is all about creating customer value. This principle is at the heart of our strategy and all our professional decisions are based on it.

#02 Global entrepreneurship

We encourage entrepreneurial behaviour and use our international connections to enhance the company’s value.

#03 Success through excellence

We strive to constantly improve our services. If necessary, we change outdated structures and make unconventional decisions to achieve this.

#04 Trust in our people

We encourage staff development, which also helps our company to grow. Demonstrating personal commitment, actively listening and embracing different opinions are all essential for us.

#05 Authentic leadership

Our business is built on integrity, transparency and authenticity. We start by applying these standards to ourselves and our actions.

#06 Sustainability

We ensure that our decisions take economic, ecological and social considerations into account in equal measure.

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