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With 764 stores in 25 countries across Europe and Asia, METRO Cash & Carry has established itself among the top players in its international industry. Everyday about 150,000 dedicated employees around the world serve over 21 million professional customers such as hotel and restaurant operators, catering and hospitality firms, independent small retailers, institutions and offices. A broad range of assortment consisting of up to 20,000 food items and up to 30,000 non-food articles provides customers with a unique one-stop shopping experience. Innovative and customised services complement the range of offers. Worldwide METRO Cash & Carry is particularly known for its exceptional competence in fresh food ranges.

The customer is the central focus of all products and services provided by METRO Cash & Carry. The company views itself as an equal partner with its customers. As such, it is not just a vendor. Rather, it has deep understanding of the business and the specific challenges faced by professional customers and helps increase their competitiveness.

For each of these customer groups, METRO Cash & Carry offers customised assortments and services at an excellent value for money. This offer is complemented by specific solutions such as retail concepts and professional consulting services to optimally support professional customers in their respective businesses and make these more successful.

As of 2014, METRO Cash & Carry has renewed its clear commitment to the independent entrepreneurs as the wholesale company exhibits its deep understanding of their needs and positions itself as the partner of choice for independent small and medium-sized businesses.

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METRO Cash & Carry’s flexible sales concept can be optimally adapted to meet the specific conditions and needs of the respective countries. METRO Cash & Carry varies its formats, particularly with respect to assortment depth and selling space, which can cover from 2,500 to 22,000 square metres. Most of the stores have a selling space of between 6,500 to 8,500 square metres. In addition, a special city centre store format has been successfully implemented in Paris, Madrid and Rome. With a selling space of up to 3,000 square metres, these stores cater to the needs of the key target group of hotels, restaurants and catering firms, and primarily offer fresh foods.

Since 2009, METRO Cash & Carry has been pressing ahead with its own-brand strategy through a focused product portfolio: the six core own brands Aro, H-Line, Horeca Select, Fine Life, Rioba and Sigma offer professional customers excellent value for money and thus real added value. The own-brand ranges are developed in close collaboration with customers and suppliers and are the result of comprehensive market analyses as well as series of in-house and external laboratory tests.

One successful example of METRO Cash & Carry’s own brands is Rioba, which comprises tailor-made product solutions for cafés and bars. The assortment ranges from professional espresso machines to complete dish assortments and from premium coffee to biscuits. There are now about 25 Rioba cafés that have been founded as part of a partnership between METRO Cash & Carry and coffee shops. Launched as complete solutions, the coffee shops exclusively use and sell own-brand products.

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In every country it operates, METRO Cash & Carry stays true to its social responsibility and is widely engaged in the local community development as a reliable employer, a dedicated player in the trade infrastructure upgrade and an expert supplier of a broad range of products for its customers. As a responsible corporate citizen, METRO Cash & Carry aims to make a sustained contribution to the society as well as the environment within its business activities to help secure long-term sustainable growth.

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