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Running your own business requires a lot - passion and commitment being just a part of it. So, it’s time to discover how METRO works and what we can do for you.


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Empowering hospitality for a strong restart - cooperations, petitions and other initiatives

With various restrictions and bans to contain the spread of COVID-19, independent businesses are suffering acutely from closures and revenue losses. In such tough times, METRO is fully committed to being the reliable partner of independent businesses. That’s why we take various support actions in our METRO countries, which we hope will crucially enhance the viability of the independent businesses. And of course we also welcome and support other initiatives.

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Information for Restaurateurs

11 Tips that could help you in the Corona Crisis

Restaurants, bars, cafés and catering businesses are suffering from the acute situation caused by the current COVID-19 medical crisis and governmental measures as restrictions of movement to prevent the virus from further spreading. The absence of guests leads to declining sales and thus threatens many livelihoods. We at METRO are at your side in this challenging time and have therefore put together some tips to help the restaurant and catering trade keep the ability to take action.

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11 tips that could help restaurateurs in the corona crisis
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About us

METRO Wholesale thinks ahead – and leads the way. We have unique food expertise, outstanding insights into global markets and decades of experience. Our aim is clear: we want to offer the best products, services and technologies for our customers.

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We work for Lilian


We’re passionate about helping around 16 million customers with 16 million different sets of challenges, ambitions and dreams. We are trusted relationship builders who understand and anticipate our customers’ needs.

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Our sustainability vision defines what we aim for, namely to offer excellent quality of life to our customers, our employees and anyone who works for us, while protecting the environment and the society we live in.

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