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METRO Cash & Carry locationscbi:///cms/323987

Hide information about Austria cbi:///cms/323979


In 1971 the first wholesale store in the alpine nation of Austria was opened in Vienna-Vösendorf. Today, the wholesale company operates 12 outlets and is one of the leading self-service wholesalers in the Austrian market. METRO Cash & Carry places great importance on their responsible purchasing policy. For instance, in 2008 the company was assessed and certified according to the strict criteria of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) so it could offer their customers even more fish and seafood products from sustainable fishing. cbi:///cms/324154
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 1971
  • Head Office: Vösendorf
  • No. of wholesale stores: 12
  • No. of employees: 2,088 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

METRO Cash & Carry Österreich GmbH
Metro-Platz 1
2331 Vösendorf

Phone: +43 1 69080 0
Website: cbi:///cms/323982
Hide information about Belgium cbi:///cms/323992


In 1970 MAKRO opened the first wholesale store in Antwerp. Since then, the company has grown and now has 12 stores which are distributed strategically across the country. Customers can therefore reach their nearest store in no more than 30 minutes by car, which saves them time - an advantage restaurant owners and caterers value. The company is working to develop its brand of so-called ECO stores across the country. In the ECO stores, food products make up around 90 percent of the range on offer. Here, the focus is on fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables, meat, fresh fish, and on their excellent range of wines. cbi:///cms/324160
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 1970
  • Head Office: Wommelgem
  • No. of wholesale stores: 12
  • No. of employees: 3,601 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

MAKRO Cash & Carry Belgium NV
Address: Nijverheidsstraat 70
2160 Wommelgen

Phone: +32 3 32890 00
Website: cbi:///cms/323995
Hide information about Bulgaria cbi:///cms/324168


In 1999, METRO Cash & Carry was the first international trade company to establish activities in Bulgaria. The wholesale company is one of the biggest foreign investors in the country. For years, the consumer climate in Bulgaria has been marked by high growth rates and booming domestic demand. The leading wholesale company has benefited from the boom and opened eleven stores. METRO Cash & Carry Bulgaria is the biggest importer and trader of fresh fish and living crustaceans and is certificated with HACCP and IFS.  cbi:///cms/324171
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 1999
  • Head Office: Sofia
  • No. of wholesale stores: 14
  • No. of employees: 2,485 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

METRO Cash & Carry Bulgaria EOOD
Address: 87, Tzarigradsko Chaussee Blvd. 7-11 km
1784 Sofia

Phone: +359 2 9762 100
Website: cbi:///cms/324172
Hide information about China cbi:///cms/324178


In 1996, METRO Cash & Carry opened its first wholesale centre in the international metropolis of Shanghai. The company was the first to gain permission from the China Central Government to set up chain operations in all major cities in China. Today, METRO Cash & Carry operates 64 wholesale centres in 46 cities, from Harbin in the north to Shenzhen in the south. With its group-wide quality assurance system and a sophisticated supply chain management the company set new standards for food safety in China. As early as 2006, METRO Cash & Carry China has implemented the international HACCP standard in all outlets. In the coming years METRO Cash & Carry will continue to invest and grow in the Chinese market.  cbi:///cms/324181
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 1996
  • Head Office: Shanghai
  • No. of wholesale stores: 64
  • No. of employees: 9,995 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

METRO Jinjiang Cash & Carry Co., Ltd.
Address: 1425, Zhen Bei Road, Putuo District
200333 Shanghai

Phone: +86 21 22078888
Website: cbi:///cms/324182
Hide information about Croatia cbi:///cms/328884


Croatia has been a popular holiday destination for many years. The increasing number of tourists visiting the Adriatic every summer has led to strong growth in the HoReCa sector. METRO Cash & Carry Croatia has recognized this development and offers its customers a vast selection of fresh fish and seafood. Successful collaborations with regional suppliers allow METRO Cash & Carry to offer a wide range of typical Croatian specialties, enjoyed by tourists and locals alike, with international brands also proving popular. Nine years after entering the market, METRO Cash & Carry has become one of the country’s leading HoReCa wholesalers. cbi:///cms/328887
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 2001
  • Head Office: Zagreb
  • No. of wholesale stores: 8
  • No. of employees: 1,205 (headcount as of June 2014)
Country Headquarter

METRO Cash & Carry Zagreb d.o.o.
Address: Jankomir 31
10090 Zagreb-Susedgrad

Phone: +385 1 34 44 367
Website: cbi:///cms/328888
Czech Republic cbi:///cms/328893
Hide information about Czech Republic cbi:///cms/328894

Czech Republiccbi:///cms/329192

In 1997 MAKRO expanded to Central Europe. Today, it has 13 wholesale stores in the Czech Republic; three of these are in Prague. MAKRO appeals to the people of the Czech Republic – in surveys on the most popular and most important companies in the country, the wholesaler is regularly ranked at the top. The major reason for this is first-class service. For example, customer advisors are on hand at information desks in all departments to provide comprehensive information, and in addition, staff visits their customers’ restaurants to give them advice on planning menus.  cbi:///cms/328897
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 1997
  • Head Office: Prague
  • No. of wholesale stores: 13
  • No. of employees: 3,489 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

MAKRO Cash & Carry CR s.r.o.
Address: Jeremisova 7/1249
15500 Praha 5
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 220 389111 2
Website: cbi:///cms/328898
Hide information about Denmark cbi:///cms/328904


The first METRO Cash & Carry wholesale store on Danish soil opened in the small town of Glostrup, a suburb of Copenhagen. In the following years further stores were opened in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Kolding. From the beginning, the wholesale company has placed great importance on working with employees over the age of 50. This is popular with the Danish government, which is making a concerted effort to promote the integration of older employees into companies. Sustainability is also a big issue in Denmark: In Aalborg, METRO Cash & Carry opened an environmentally friendly store which uses innovative cooling technology and by this means saves 63 tons of CO² every year.  cbi:///cms/328907
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 1971
  • Head Office: Glostrup
  • No. of wholesale stores: 5
  • No. of employees: 768 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

METRO Cash & Carry Denmark ApS
Address: Ejby Industrivej 111
2600 Glostrup

Phone: +45 43 4677 00
Website: cbi:///cms/328908
Hide information about France cbi:///cms/328924


METRO Cash & Carry has already been operating for 39 years in the land of haute cuisine. The company has 91 stores located all over France with total selling space accounting for 450,000 m². Most of the stores are so-called ECO stores which mainly provide restaurants, hotels and grocery stores with fresh produce. METRO Cash & Carry has also shown its commitment to its core target group traders – since 2006, the company has supported more than 4,250 independent traders by offering them a tailor-made service to reconfigure their businesses, without any franchise and without any contract.  cbi:///cms/328927
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 1971
  • Head Office: Nanterre
  • No. of wholesale stores: 93
  • No. of employees: 8,816 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

METRO Cash & Carry France SAS
Address: 5 Rue des Grands Prs
92024 Nanterre Cedex

Phone: +33 1 478663 00
Website: cbi:///cms/328928
Hide information about Germany cbi:///cms/328934


METRO Cash & Carry’s success story begins in 1964 in Germany. For the first time, the newly opened wholesale store in Mülheim an der Ruhr offers professional customers and bulk consumers the chance to pick out their own goods and take them away themselves. This business concept takes off and in the following years METRO Cash & Carry is able to expand its distribution network rapidly. Besides METRO Cash & Carry, C+C Schaper is the second German distribution channel, specialized on gastronomy and trade. Today, the wholesale companies operate in almost every major German city. cbi:///cms/328937
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 1964
  • Head Office: Duesseldorf
  • No. of wholesale stores: 107
  • No. of employees: 15,520 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

METRO Cash & Carry Deutschland
Address: Metro Straße 8
40235 Düsseldorf

Phone: +49 211 969 0
Website: cbi:///cms/328938
Hide information about Greece cbi:///cms/328944


Freshly caught seafood specialties and a large choice of vegetables: those are the hallmarks of Greece’s Mediterranean cuisine, and MAKRO has been serving this need since entering the market in 1992. MAKRO’s nine Greek stores have recently been certified with the new ISO 22000:2005 international food safety management standard, which supplements the existing HACCP system with even stricter requirements. Another newly introduced innovation at MAKRO is Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL), which ensures there is no price discrepancy between the shelf and the cash register. These projects further emphasize MAKRO’s commitment to customer service. cbi:///cms/328947
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 1992
  • Head Office: Piraeus
  • No. of wholesale stores: 9
  • No. of employees: 1,061 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter
MAKRO Cash & Carry Wholesale S.A.
Address: Kifissou 98 + Petrou Ralli Street
18233 Ag. Ioannis Rentis, Piraeus

Phone: +30 210 34965 00
Website: cbi:///cms/328948
Hide information about Hungary cbi:///cms/328990


As one of the first international wholesale companies METRO Cash & Carry already opened a wholesale store in Hungary in 1994 – ten years before the country joined the European Union. Today, the self-service wholesale company has outlets in 11 Hungarian cities and two in the capital Budapest. The company has gradually renovated eight of its 13 stores since 2006 and by the end of 2010 all stores will have been renewed. One aim of the renovation is to develop the professional destination areas. Their wide range features fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy products and wine.  cbi:///cms/328993
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 1994
  • Head Office: Budaörs
  • No. of wholesale stores: 13
  • No. of employees: 2,653 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

METRO Kereskedelmi Kft. Magyarorszg
Address: Budapark Keleti 3
2041 Budaörs

Phone: +36 23 4491 00
Website: cbi:///cms/328994
Hide information about India cbi:///cms/329000


METRO Cash & Carry India opened its first wholesale centre in 2003 in the city of Bangalore. Today, the company operates five wholesale centres in Bangalore (2), Hyderabad, Mumbai and Kolkata. Each wholesale centre offers a range of about 18,000 products, mainly sourced from local suppliers. The wholesale company is a reliable partner of businesses like small retail stores (mom and pop stores), enabling them to face the challenging market by offering a one-stop solution for their purchases and steady supply of high-quality products at competitive prices. cbi:///cms/329003
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 2003
  • Head Office: Bangalore
  • No. of wholesale stores: 16
  • No. of employees: 3,119 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

METRO Cash & Carry India Pvt. Ltd
Address: Survey No 26/3, 'A' Block Ward No. 9, Industrial Suburbs Subramanyanagar
560055 Bangalore

Phone: +91 80 22192000
Website: cbi:///cms/329004
Hide information about Italy cbi:///cms/329011


Short Facts
  • Market entry: 1972
  • Head Office: San Donato Milanese
  • No. of wholesale stores: 49
  • No. of employees: 4,732 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

METRO Italia Cash & Carry S.p.A.
Address: Via XXV Aprile, 25
20097 San Donato Milanese

Phone: +39 02 5171 1
Website: cbi:///cms/329015
Hide information about Japan cbi:///cms/329021


In 2002 Japan’s first METRO Cash & Carry wholesale store opened its doors in Chiba near Tokyo. Up until then the trading industry in the second-largest economic power of the world was more traditional, with excellent infrastructure and a multilevel distributional structure. Today, METRO Cash & Carry Japan supplies a wide range of products under one roof. The clear focus on food is typical of the Japanese market – it makes up around 90 percent of the product range. The Tokyo metropolitan area, which has a total of 32.5 million inhabitants, is a particularly promising market.  cbi:///cms/329024
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 2002
  • Head Office: Tokyo
  • No. of wholesale stores: 9
  • No. of employees: 1,011 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

METRO Cash & Carry Japan K.K.
Address: Omori Bellport D, 7F 6-26-3 Minami-oi Shinagawa-ku
140-0013 Tokyo

Phone: +81 3 576384 00
Website: cbi:///cms/329025
Kazakhstan cbi:///cms/329030
Hide information about Kazakhstan cbi:///cms/329031


Kazakhstan’s first METRO wholesale store opened its doors in the capital Astana in October 2009. But this one store is only the beginning: in the coming years, the company plans to open further wholesale stores throughout the country. The Kazakh customers will have reason to be pleased. The product assortment will contain not only international brands, but national specialties as well: for example, horsemeat, a key ingredient of kazy and other popular traditional dishes. METRO Cash & Carry also has a lot to offer to its future employees. They will be intensively trained according to international standards. cbi:///cms/329034
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 2008
  • Head Office: Almaty
  • No. of wholesale stores: 8
  • No. of employees: 1,361 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

METRO Cash & Carry LLP
Address: Alatau Grand Business Centre, 28 B, Timiryazev Street
050040 Almaty

Phone: +7 7272321 151
Website: cbi:///cms/329035
Hide information about Moldova cbi:///cms/329041


A growing number of customers are beginning to pay attention to the quality of the food products they buy as well as the price – a demand which METRO Cash & Carry, with its huge variety of fresh products, is well equipped to meet. The range on offer consists mainly of produce made in the country and in neighbouring Romania and Ukraine. METRO Cash & Carry has already opened two stores in the capital Chisinau, a city with a population of about a million people. In 2006 another wholesale store was opened in Balti. cbi:///cms/329044
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 2004
  • Head Office: Bucharest, Romania (Business Unit)
  • No. of wholesale stores: 3
  • No. of employees: 712 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

METRO Cash & Carry Moldova S.R.L.
Address: No. 5, Chisinau Street, Stanceni Village
4839 Chisinau

Phone: +40 21 208115 0
Webiste: cbi:///cms/329045
Netherlands cbi:///cms/329050
Hide information about Netherlands cbi:///cms/329051


MAKRO is a top player in the Dutch wholesale cash & carry market. In 1968 the first store opened in Amsterdam. Today, 17 outlets offer customers the best quality and finest service. MAKRO has shifted its focus more and more to the needs of professional customers. The company has the most comprehensive up-to-date nonfood assortment to cover the professional needs. In food MAKRO is continuously improving its competence, especially in fresh to fulfil the needs of the professional customer. In short: MAKRO offers a complete selection under one roof! cbi:///cms/329054
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 1968
  • Head Office: Diemen
  • No. of wholesale stores: 17
  • No. of employees: 4,631 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

METRO Cash & Carry Nederland B.V.
Address: Spaklerweg 50-52
1096 BA Amsterdam

Phone: +31 20 39802 00
Website: cbi:///cms/329055
Hide information about Pakistan cbi:///cms/329061


In 2007 METRO Cash & Carry opened its first wholesale store in Lahore, the economic and cultural centre of northern Pakistan. Thereafter four more wholesale stores were opened in cities of Islamabad, Faisalabad, Karachi and another one in Lahore. In the Asian state, the self-service cash and carry concept has yet to become established nation-wide. The trading industry is still heavily influenced by tradition, dominated by small stores and street markets. However, the demand for quality, high-class products is growing. METRO Cash & Carry therefore intends to expand its sales network.  cbi:///cms/329064
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 2007
  • Head Office: Lahore
  • No. of wholesale stores: 9
  • No. of employees: 1,938 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

METRO Cash & Carry Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.
Address: Thokas Niaz Baig, Multan Road
53700 Lahore

Phone: +92 42 75080 00
Website: cbi:///cms/329065
Hide information about Poland cbi:///cms/329071


Leading wholesaler MAKRO is not just known for its wide product range, but also for its consultancy programs that offer tailored solutions for professional customers. From just three stores in 1994, MAKRO now has 29 stores right across Poland (including MAKRO Punkt – a smaller format for traders) and plays a major role in helping independent retailers increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. In addition, MAKRO offers advisory services to restaurateurs and hoteliers, as well as providing culinary novelties to the HoReCa sector. These cutting-edge solutions can be found in the MAKRO Centre for Enterprise Development in Warsaw. cbi:///cms/329074
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 1994
  • Head Office: Warsaw
  • No. of wholesale stores: 41
  • No. of employees: 6,444 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

MAKRO Cash & Carry Polska S.A.
Address: Al. Krakowska 61
02-183 Warszawa

Phone: +48 22 50000 00
Website: cbi:///cms/329075
Hide information about Portugal cbi:///cms/329081


In 2013 MAKRO Cash & Carry Portuga celebrates 23 years of successful operations in the market. The first MAKRO store in Portugal opened in 1990 in Alfragide located on the outskirts of Lisbon in one of the country’s most important trade centres. Within the first year of business, the wholesale company had already become one of the top players. Since 2000 it has been focusing on a new expansion strategy; the wholesale company not only presents itself as a first-class distributor, but also as a dedicated partner for its customers. The new MAKRO offers customers numerous useful services, aiming to provide even better support to small retailers, hoteliers and caterers. cbi:///cms/329084
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 1990
  • Head Office: Carnaxide
  • No. of wholesale stores: 10
  • No. of employees: 1,213 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

MAKRO Cash & Carry Portugal S.A.
Address: Rua Quinta do Paizinho, Portela de Carnaxide
2795-236 Carnaxide

Phone: +351 21 42465 00
Website: cbi:///cms/329085
Hide information about Romania cbi:///cms/329091


METRO Cash & Carry launched its operations in Romania in October 1996 and currently runs 24 self-service wholesale stores across the country. For the first half of 2010, METRO Cash & Carry Romania announced the opening of a new store in Bucharest, the 25th in the network. Being the first international trading company to enter the Romanian market, METRO Cash & Carry Romania has always focussed on the needs of professional customers by offering an extensive selection of quality products at competitive prices. cbi:///cms/329094
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 1996
  • Head Office: Voluntari, Ilfov County
  • No. of wholesale stores: 32
  • No. of employees: 5,440 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

METRO Cash & Carry S.R.L.
Address: 51 N Theodor Pallady Blvd
Building C6, Frame A,
District 3, Bucharest

Phone: +40 (31) 423 4000
Website: cbi:///cms/329095
Hide information about Russia cbi:///cms/329101


Russia is one of METRO Cash & Carry’s major growth markets. In 2001, the leading wholesale company was one of the first foreign trading companies to make the leap to the Russian market. Since then, METRO Cash & Carry has rapidly expanded its sales network – in Moscow and the Moscow region alone eleven stores have been opened in the last few years. In Siberia, too, METRO Cash & Carry already has five stores. In the most sparsely populated country of the world the wholesale company is putting its expertise in logistics to the test. Trucks take around five days to deliver goods from the headquarters in Moscow to the stores in Siberia. cbi:///cms/329104
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 2001
  • Head Office: Moscow
  • No. of wholesale stores: 68
  • No. of employees: 19,286 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

METRO Cash & Carry Russia OOO
Address: Leningradskoe Shosse, 71 G
125445 Moscow

Phone: +7 495 5021 000 or 006
Website: cbi:///cms/329105
Hide information about Serbia cbi:///cms/329111


In 2005, the first METRO Cash & Carry wholesale store was opened in Belgrade, the cultural, political and economic centre of Serbia. Today, there are five stores in the country. METRO Cash & Carry is pursuing its strategy for success in this south-eastern European country. 90 percent of its range of about 20,000 food products comes from domestic suppliers. The company’s expansion to the Serbian market is therefore not only contributing to the success of METRO Cash & Carry, but also to the economic development of this Balkan state. cbi:///cms/329114
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 2005
  • Head Office: Belgrade
  • No. of wholesale stores: 10
  • No. of employees: 1,540 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

METRO Cash & Carry d.o.o.
Address: Auto put za Novi Sad 120
11080 Belgrade

Phone: +381 11 377728 0
Website: cbi:///cms/329115
Hide information about Slovakia cbi:///cms/329121


Slovakia is one of the newest members of the European Union, and one of the first Eastern European countries to which METRO Cash & Carry expanded. The three wholesale stores in Bratislava, Nitra and Zvolen opened their doors one decade ago all in one day. The company’s strategy was to open stores with relatively small selling spaces of between 7,000 and 9,000 m², offering a range which focuses on traditional Slovakian specialties, such as “bryndzové halušky” – small potato dumplings with sheep’s milk cheese and bacon.  cbi:///cms/329124
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 2000
  • Head Office: Prague, Czech Republic (Business Unit) + Ivanka pri Dunaji
  • No. of wholesale stores: 6
  • No. of employees: 1,387 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

METRO Cash & Carry Slovakia s.r.o.
Address: Seneck cesta 1881
900 28 Ivanka Pri Dunaji

Phone: +420 220 983111 2
Website: cbi:///cms/329125
Hide information about Spain cbi:///cms/329131


In Spain, 34 MAKRO wholesale stores have opened since the market entry in 1972, four of which are on the Balearic and Canary Islands: Palma de Mallorca, Tenerife (La Laguna and Adeje) and Las Palmas. Not only the large-scale MAKRO stores have proved popular in Spain. Since 2000, the ECO store concept, which is particularly oriented to specific target customer groups, has also been successful. There are currently twelve ECO stores in Spain and 90 percent of their product range is made up of food products. cbi:///cms/329134
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 1972
  • Head Office: Madrid
  • No. of wholesale stores: 37
  • No. of employees: 4,030 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

MAKRO Autoservicio Mayorista S.A.
Address: Calle de Samaniego, 7 Poligono 'Las Mercedes'
28022 Madrid

Phone: +34 91 32195 00
Website: cbi:///cms/329135
Hide information about Turkey cbi:///cms/329141


Many Turkish people rely on traditional styles of stores to cover their needs; most people shop at "Bakkals" – small, family-run convenience stores. For twenty years, METRO Cash & Carry has been providing these traders and other professional customers with a variety of food and nonfood products all under one roof. The company is benefiting from the economic upturn, as the population is growing and consumer buying power is increasing. METRO Cash & Carry has introduced numerous European brands to its customers and has contributed to the modernization of the trading industry. cbi:///cms/329144
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 1990
  • Head Office: Istanbul
  • No. of wholesale stores: 27
  • No. of employees: 4,407 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

METRO Grosmarket Bakirköy Alisveris
Address: Hizmetleri Ticaret Sirketi Ltd. Sti. Kocman Caddesi
34540 Günesli-Bakiröy (Istanbul)

Phone: +90 212 47870 00
Website: cbi:///cms/329145
Hide information about Ukraine cbi:///cms/329151


In 2003 METRO Cash & Carry opened the first wholesale store in Ukraine. Today, the second largest country in Europe is one of the most significant growth markets operating 25 stores. In order to ensure that the company’s quality and service standards are consistently met, METRO Cash & Carry provides on-the-job training schemes for new employees and training programs for suppliers. Back in May 2007 in the southern city of Kherson the company launched its seasonal fruit and vegetables platform. Purchasing products directly from local farmers METRO Cash & Carry achieves to meet the high quality and packaging standards of the international retailer. cbi:///cms/329154
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 2003
  • Head Office: Kyiv
  • No. of wholesale stores: 35
  • No. of employees: 6,789 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine Ltd.
Address: Business City 'Forum' 43, Petra Grygorenka Street
02140 Kiev

Phone: +380 44 49210 00
Website: cbi:///cms/329155
Hide information about Vietnam cbi:///cms/329161


When it entered the market in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 2002, METRO Cash & Carry also took on a great deal of corporate responsibility. The company used the potential of this important emerging market and developed it, working closely with local farmers, suppliers and intermediaries. Quality and freshness were top priorities. Working with the Deutsche Investitionsund Entwicklungsgesellschaft (German Investment and Development Association), the wholesaler trained for instance more than 18,000 fishermen and farmers in modern production and processing methods. Furthermore, METRO Cash & Carry is involved in schemes to improve the whole supply chain.  cbi:///cms/329164
Short Facts
  • Market entry: 2002
  • Head Office: Ho Chi Minh City
  • No. of wholesale stores: 19
  • No. of employees: 3,872 (headcount as of December 2012)
Country Headquarter

METRO Cash & Carry Vietnam Ltd.
Address: Lot B, An Phu – An Khanh New Residential Area
An Phu Ward, District 2
Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: +84 8 519039 0
Website: cbi:///cms/329165

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