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Tarrington House

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Tarrington House

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Welcome to Tarrington House, METRO Cash & Carry's exclusive lifestyle brand for 'The World at Home'. With our inspiring and living comfort ideas, living, cooking, dining and relaxing becomes an extraordinary feeling. cbi:///cms/314937

Good functionality is one of the major hallmarks for Tarrington House products. Our objective is to deliver reliability for maximum customer satisfaction.

Functionality does not contradict design. Modern and classy look goes hand in hand with high performance and makes every day life even more comfortable and stylish.

Another key attribute of Tarrington House is quality. To guarantee your satisfaction Tarrington House articles are tested and closely monitored by independent testing institutes.

High quality equals high price? No! Tarrington House proves that remarkable quality can be obtained at reasonable and fair prices.

In order to delight our customer today and tomorrow, Tarrington House follows the latest innovations in design and technology. With our products, we offer you the coming trends in colours, materials, shapes and technology.  cbi:///cms/314938
Tarrington House products Read more  cbi:///cms/314939

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